Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Meaning Behind the Name: Brockport Watchdog

It seems every week people are abuzz about something in The Stylus. Too much has happened in the past week alone to go into at the moment (I’ll give you the recap later). Mainly, I haven’t been blogging because I wanted to watch my words carefully and hopefully give some time for people to act not […]

Five Reasons to Attend the Monday BSG Meeting

I was served yesterday. I never thought I’d ever have a Seth Rogan in Pineapple Express moment, but late yesterday afternoon a member of Brockport Student Government (BSG) came down to my office to tell me I’d been served. I glanced at the paperwork, signed forms and copies of forms saying I had received the […]

Meme of the Week: Like a Boss

One of our newest additions to The Stylus staff is Trevor Lewis as the news editor. You may know him better as the man who is vehemently against hurting squirrels. If you’re further interested in this, I highly suggest you check out his Campus Talk piece next week. Last week, in the middle of a crazy day […]

TBT: The Men of The Stylus

Clockwise from top left: Matt Driffill (sports, managing) at the fall 2011 Christmas party; Dave Specksgoor (copy editor, lifestyles) at the 2012 end of the year banquet; Mark Di Stefano at Christmas (he’s thankfully not leaving yet); Joe Hutton (copy editor, sports, online) at the fall 2012 Christmas party   It’s been a very long, […]