Monthly Archives: June 2013

22 and Not Invincible

I was fine. At least I kept telling myself I was fine, the way I always do to avoid everything. There was a tear or two finally in the car when Carrie Underwood’s See You Again came on the radio Saturday afternoon. And then some more tears when my reporter friend finally confirmed the identity from […]

When Country Beats and Baseball Collide

I love baseball. If you didn’t know that about me … well, now you do.  There’s little I find wrong with the game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously like football does. It isn’t crazy obnoxious like the NBA is. And you very rarely lose the ball like hockey loses the puck. One of my […]

Not-So-Obvious Ways Arizona is a Totally Different World

There are plenty of major differences between upstate small town country New York and Phoenix, Ariz. Just ask me how many times someone from either state has told me about the major heat difference between the two. Go ahead. I dare ya. There’s also the obvious time difference situation. Right now I’m three hours behind […]

A Story of 2,390 miles: The Final Installment

Before I finish my story of a longer-than-necessary road trip, I want to thank you all for reading. I’ve heard plenty of cool things from friends who are reading, and I truly appreciate it. I can’t wait to dive into other topics in this space, including metered ramps, speed bumps (the literal speed bumps in […]

A Story of 2,390 miles: Part III

I believe in jinxes. That’s the first thing you need to know about my fourth day on the road. If I wear my too-large black Mets jersey to bed and they win the next day (this hasn’t happened in quite a while) I keep wearing it without washing it. I used to wear orange underwear […]

A Story of 2,390 miles: Part II

DAY 3 When I woke up Friday, there was still a chance for a tornado all over Oklahoma. For some reason, I wasn’t too concerned and really just wanted to drive as many miles as I possibly could while also seeing a little of the country. I left a rain-soaked town on a dreary day. […]

A Story of 2,390 miles: Part I

This is the true story. Of one girl. Picked to travel cross-country. OK, I’m done with that. I don’t think I even know anyone who watches the Real World anymore. Two months ago I was sitting in a ballpark enjoying the Rochester Red Wings. I was running a college newspaper and being interviewed by police […]