Monthly Archives: October 2013

Will Clayton Whittemore Ever Go To Trial?

News outlets in Rochester and Syracuse reported Clayton Whittemore’s second-degree murder trial will be pushed back yet again. It’s the second time the trial has been postponed, this time from a Nov. 4 date to Jan. 27, 2014. Whittemore is accused of beating his girlfriend, Alex Kogut, to death in her Brockport dorm room. The […]

FOMOF Commercials Include Women, But Still Force Blame on Them

It’s nothing like the Super Bowl, but with a new football season comes fresh, hopefully funny, commercials. Axe is making its usual splash. Every time the camera pans out to show Wes Welker in the snow globe my dad laughs his way off the couch. Then there are the FOMOF commercials โ€” Fear of Missing […]