Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fantasy Football Wrap Up

I started the year talking big. I end the year mediocre. While I didn’t take first in our league, I sure didn’t take last and my sad bank account thanks me. Instead of buying a round for the group, I’ll buy multiple rounds for myself as I think of what could have been. I had […]

Update: New FOMOF Commercial

In early October I wrote a blog post about the “Fear of Missing Out on Football” commercials Verizon Wireless had out for football season. The gist: The commercials were funny and spot on, but all three of them pushed the blame on women. There’s the daughter who wants to watch a princess show, the wife […]

In Defense of “Bah Humbug”

I dislike Christmas. Your chorus of “Scrooge” can be heard from here. Without even hearing my reasoning, I can almost assume (unless you know me quite well) you’re already judging me for not liking what you deem the most amazing holiday on the calendar. So let me explain. Not everyone is blessed enough to have […]