New York’s been waiting


Courtesy of Bulldog photographer extraordinaire, Latrelle Cone

Today is my last day at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

I’ve written some cool stories and done amazing things in two years.

I watched overtime of the 2014 Clemson at then-No. 1 Florida State football game from the sidelines. I put a ring on it — a Guy McIntyre Super Bowl ring, temporarily. I talked baseball with John Smoltz and discussed the beauty of rural New Jersey and New York with Dan Reeves.

I filled three baseball scorebooks and scores more notebooks, but it’s time to hand over the reins. Later this month, I’ll start as sports editor at the Ithaca Times in my hometown region of New York.

Thanks for all the Twitter followers, readers and people who made high school sports what they’re supposed to be at the crux of it all: fun.

While I have you here …

My final true article for the Times-Enterprise was a slimmed down summer project I had been planning to work on in the “offseason.” Really, it ties into something I had long thought about doing.

In writing about the addition of girls volleyball to Thomasville High School and Thomas County Central High School, I included a quick look at Title IX and the three prongs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dive into my schools’ actual numbers.

Georgia is the worst state in terms of gender equality in athletics, and when studies come out analyzing the numbers it’s almost always entirely southern states listed as the worst.

Through my two years in Thomasville, I’ve seen the differences first-hand. Some are basic issues we see at high schools across the nation. Other issues are much larger. In casual conversations with female athletes this spring I became somewhat re-inspired knowing some of the things I saw as this “ultra independent female northerner,” they saw as well.  And they were bothered by some of it, too.

I worked to make sure every school and team was getting its fair coverage, but there’s no doubt I put special care in giving girls sports its due.

So for any female athlete reading this, remember you have a voice and more power than you might know.


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