Woman of the Nook

The first thing you need to know: I’m a journalist. And love it.

The second thing: Well, there’s a lot. Always working

I’m a 2013 graduate of The College at Brockport (near Rochester, N.Y.), where I unintentionally became a rabble-rouser for the greater journalistic cause. It was a crazy year of being in charge, which sometimes led to the picture you see here when my dear friend caught a frustrating moment in the Golden Eagles hockey press box.

Sometimes running a newspaper will cause you to do this.

Sports these days entail not only games but also Twitter beefs, crime and all that other fun stuff. I thrive on sarcasm, but that sentence isn’t sarcastic: It is fun. I wouldn’t change my career choice for the world.

That’s not all of who I am though.

It may not be high stakes, but I still love playing sports.

I’m an athlete. Summer co-ed softball back in Dryden, my home, is my go-to, but Frisbee is a long-time tradition with friends and I’ll shoot hoops for hours. I may not be a former all-star or college recruit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t play.

I’m a lover of all things orange and find the most happiness when leaves are falling, pumpkins are carved and autumn is in full swing.

You can't keep us off the playground, even at 21 years old.

What you’ll find in this blog is a modge-podge of all those things, but mainly a look at sports and journalism. I’m a strong believer in the potential journalism has to make a real change in the world. We’ve seen it time and time again over the years, but it still seems as though people forget journalism’s role. And they forget what journalism is about. I hope to remind you of why we’re really here.

Cassie and a timbit burger

So enjoy, and don’t forget to keep in touch. I don’t leave people out to dry: if you email or comment, I’ll get back to you. That’s the beauty of journalism these days.




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