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Fantasy Football Wrap Up

I started the year talking big. I end the year mediocre. While I didn’t take first in our league, I sure didn’t take last and my sad bank account thanks me. Instead of buying a round for the group, I’ll buy multiple rounds for myself as I think of what could have been. I had […]

Stereotypes: Fantasy Football

My friend (the 3-0 Brian friend) posted this to our Facebook walls last night so I thought I would share. For the most part managers are a mixture of these types, but we nailed a few on to some of us. Any they’re missing? I agree with one commenter: you have to get the newbie […]

Week 3: Last-Minute Heartbreak

The swear words, insults and exclamations I texted late Sunday night I can’t even begin to think about typing into this blog.  Yes, I have dropped to 0-3. I am poised to be buying the first round the next time my four best friends and I find ourselves at the same bar. I’m destined to […]

Week 2: “Dude, did you see your score?”

I’m not even waiting until it goes final to tell you about my fantasy week. To put it bluntly: I may hold the lowest score for the rest of the season. Naz texted me early last night, “Dude what the hell?”  A little confused,  I asked him to clarify what he was referencing. Sometimes we […]

Week 1: A drastic fall back to reality

When a guy gets you 28 points in the Thursday night game, you end up going into Sunday feeling pretty darn good about yourself. After a slow, aggravating start Demaryius Thomas got me 28 points in the opener, thanks in large part to Peyton’s seven touchdowns. So given my team and the guy I was […]

Ten friends and an imaginary trophy

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The season kicks off tomorrow, The League is back on TV and the insults are flying in full force. Hello fantasy football, how I’ve missed you so. At an extended family dinner Tuesday night, this blog kept making its way through various discussions. My aunt asked what I […]