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Encouraging Education on Local Government

The usual suspects showed up at Lansing’s town board business meeting Wednesday night: the board, two journalists and about four or five town employees. A few minutes in to the frantically paced meeting (it’s like they knew NLCS game 4 was tonight) I saw out of the corner of ย my eye two young men in […]

NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ shows heartbreaking struggle of Asperger’s Syndrome

Parenthood is a drama that doesn’t shoot itself in the foot by being too much of a drama. You know exactly what I mean. The issues on Parenthood are real and honest and quite frankly, extremely difficult to watch. The stories this show tells are so well constructed and so true to real life. The […]

Conflict of interest in reporting a serious issue

I’ve been in a blogging slump lately. Call it Ike Davis-esque if you will. I have tons of ideas (OK, more like a few) bouncing around in my head but none seem good enough. As my friend Caitlin blogged last week, it takes a deadline to get fingers to keyboard sometimes. Every week without fail […]

Update: New FOMOF Commercial

In early October I wrote a blog post about the “Fear of Missing Out on Football” commercials Verizon Wireless had out for football season. The gist: The commercials were funny and spot on, but all three of them pushed the blame on women. There’s the daughter who wants to watch a princess show, the wife […]

FOMOF Commercials Include Women, But Still Force Blame on Them

It’s nothing like the Super Bowl, but with a new football season comes fresh, hopefully funny, commercials. Axe is making its usual splash. Every time the camera pans out to show Wes Welker in the snow globe my dad laughs his way off the couch. Then there are the FOMOF commercials โ€” Fear of Missing […]