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Best of Negley’s 2016

Tis the season to look back. Instead of shortening everything to 140-character tweets or excruciatingly long Facebook posts (seriously, people, stop), the very Negley thing to do is write it up in a blog post. (In all truthfulness, it’s also because I again have let my blogging slide and I’m at the Dryden Community Cafe […]

Encouraging Education on Local Government

The usual suspects showed up at Lansing’s town board business meeting Wednesday night: the board, two journalists and about four or five town employees. A few minutes in to the frantically paced meeting (it’s like they knew NLCS game 4 was tonight) I saw out of the corner of  my eye two young men in […]

Driving without a cause

Without fail, when I leave on one of these trips the majority of people who stay in contact ask me about my plans. Listen, I have none. I’m incredibly appreciative of those who keep up with my traveling whereabouts, there’s no doubt about it. And my parents, who love to ask this question, are just […]

New York’s been waiting

Today is my last day at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. I’ve written some cool stories and done amazing things in two years. I watched overtime of the 2014 Clemson at then-No. 1 Florida State football game from the sidelines. I put a ring on it — a Guy McIntyre Super Bowl ring, temporarily. I talked baseball with […]

Girls and cars and classics: A road trip story (kinda)

I had never been so fuming mad as I tore out of my editor-in-chief office that day, yelling into the main Stylus office before I could even stand up out of my chair. If you know my background, you most likely have some ideas about what I was mad about. I’ll tell you right now, […]

From an Empire Apple to a Georgia Peach

Next week I’ll be moving all the way south to Thomasville, Ga. (<— a rebel to AP Style’s new rules right there) to start my first full-time job as sports editor at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. I therefore won’t be road tripping across the state, unfortunately. The real New York spoils you this time of year, […]

PHOTOS: A Southern Nor’easter

A “crippling” storm hit the southeast, in case you had yet to hear. I was stoked. Others, not so much. My drive to work at a usually very bustling 8:30 a.m. was more like an eerie scene from “The Day After Tomorrow,” which didn’t do much for my fear that movie actually comes true. There […]

Finding oneself through watching the Super Bowl solo

I did the whole travel across the country alone thing (those entries are here, here, here and here. Quite the collection of stories) and learned a ton about myself, despite mocking those dumb cliques for most of my life. So, I figured, I might as well give watching the Super Bowl alone a try. Seems like […]

In Defense of “Bah Humbug”

I dislike Christmas. Your chorus of “Scrooge” can be heard from here. Without even hearing my reasoning, I can almost assume (unless you know me quite well) you’re already judging me for not liking what you deem the most amazing holiday on the calendar. So let me explain. Not everyone is blessed enough to have […]

Will Clayton Whittemore Ever Go To Trial?

News outlets in Rochester and Syracuse reported Clayton Whittemore’s second-degree murder trial will be pushed back yet again. It’s the second time the trial has been postponed, this time from a Nov. 4 date to Jan. 27, 2014. Whittemore is accused of beating his girlfriend, Alex Kogut, to death in her Brockport dorm room. The […]