Brockport Watchdog

Journalism is the fourth leg of the government. It’s intended to keep the government in check. I found that while people on Brockport’s campus saw things they may not have liked in administration and especially in student government, they very rarely spoke up against it. This was true for our newspaper staff. I felt it was important to include a watchdog column in our paper, which I have previously written about for this blog.

  • What are we (through BSG) spending our money on? — Feb. 19, 2013, directly after the “BSG board of investigations” I stood questioning at for three hours.
  • Journalism is more grit than glitz — April 16, 2013. Three classmates/co-workers and I gave a presentation at the SPJ Region 1 conference in New Jersey about covering the murder and the feedback we received. I reflect on the work we did that weekend while pointing out how those in New Jersey felt about our coverage. The reactions between Brockport and the outside world were drastically different.
  • Students need to speak up and speak out — May 7, 2013. My good-bye column wasn’t so “cotton candy and happy memories.” I write about standing up for what you believe in and making the difference you want to see in the world.
  • Asking questions shouldn’t be a crime — April 30, 2013, following the second attempt BSG officials made to try and charge me with harassment through the student code of conduct and through university police.
The Stylus staff raises money during Family Weekend for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The Stylus staff raises money during Family Weekend for Hurricane Sandy victims.


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