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Mascots are mascots, no ‘lady’ about it

A few months back, at the beginning of basketball season in Georgia, I not-so-jokingly asked my boss to use “Gentlemen” in a headline. I had two stories from the same school and had to differentiate the basketball teams. So if I was to use “Lady (name)” I was going to use “Gentlemen (name)” too. This is how […]

Being a gentleman is not about catering to women

I have been incredibly quiet in this space for months now. I think about it often, but I haven’t published anything since August. There are a few reasons for it. For one, I’ve been busy with my newish job that has even newer responsibilities in 2015. I’ve also found myself struggling to adjust in the world I’ve been […]

Update: New FOMOF Commercial

In early October I wrote a blog post about the “Fear of Missing Out on Football” commercials Verizon Wireless had out for football season. The gist: The commercials were funny and spot on, but all three of them pushed the blame on women. There’s the daughter who wants to watch a princess show, the wife […]

FOMOF Commercials Include Women, But Still Force Blame on Them

It’s nothing like the Super Bowl, but with a new football season comes fresh, hopefully funny, commercials. Axe is making its usual splash. Every time the camera pans out to show Wes Welker in the snow globe my dad laughs his way off the couch. Then there are the FOMOF commercials — Fear of Missing […]